Winners of the IPad Contest

Check out the winners of the Apple IPAD and the IPOD shuffles!

 Alright, we know you all are very anxious to find out who won the Apple IPAD and the IPOD Shuffles so we won’t keep you waiting any longer. All winners can contact our office to claim their prize.

The winner of the Apple IPAD was:

Laura B Laura-IPAD-575x431

The winners of the IPOD shuffles are:

Rachel B Rachel-575x383

Matthew W matthew-575x431

Julian S Julian-575x429
Constantina V constantina1-575x766

We want to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who took the time to take pictures and send them in to us. We loved seeing how you all spend your summer vacations.

Please do not be disappointed if your name was not listed, we are always thinking of new contests for our patients so make sure your checking your email. We have another GREAT contest coming up. Want a hint?! His initials are JB!

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